Earnings on youtube

So, let’s begin. What do you think can you make money on YouTube? Yes it is possible. Have you ever wondered – ″why do people post videos on YouTube″? The reason for this is just attracting people, so that they could comment on their video, laugh, tell their friends, and the latter ones do the same thing. Of course, this is also included in their plans, but for some of them the most important aim of posting videos is earnings on YouTube.

To make money on this website, you need to have a very large audience of signed up people. For example, you posted a video on YouTube but your video is not watched. For what will they pay you? There is nothing to pay for. A large audience is needed, that is, you post a video and it is immediately watched, commented, liked, and thereby its rating is raised. And this, of course, is very profitable for You as your honestly earned money will be paid for it. And when you already attract a lot of people to your channel, you can count on earnings.

What do you need to earn on youtube?

1. To earn on YouTube, you should learn about the affiliate program, that is, the one thanks to which you will earn money. Any person, who simply registered on the website and wants to earn there, can do an affiliate program.

2. When registering, indicate the country «USA». Most likely, affiliate program works one hundred percent only in the «USA».

3. After you have chosen the country «USA», You have to upload a couple of videos on any topic that you are particularly interested in. For example, you can shoot videos about games (their passage, all sorts of cheats, etc., the main thing is that the topic is interesting to you).

4. Be sure to download only your own videos, that is, the ones taken by You, and by no one else. If you upload someone else’s video, which was just downloaded from another channel, YouTube will immediately notice it and delete Your account.

Further, we moved on to the most important thing: when you indicate the country «USA», a dollar sign will appear under your video. In the «Video Manager» click on the tick, the «Actions» button will appear. Put a tick on «Commercial use» above the video, and press «next» everywhere there, that is, agree with everything.

After that, YouTube checks your video. The checking process takes on average about two hours. As soon as the check is completed, the dollar icon will turn green. That’s all, at this stage your earnings on YouTube begins.

It pays about three dollars per thousand views. You can order views in tasks, for example, such websites as WMZona. If you notice that your video has started to gain momentum, and you want to see how much you have earned, you should go to the tab called «YouTube Analytics». There will be written how much and how you have earned: How many people commented on your videos, how many people liked it, and how much you’ve earned up to this point.

Withdrawing money from YouTube

So, let’s move on to a not less important point ‒ how to withdraw the money that you earned? You’ll have to tinker a little. In order to withdraw your money, you need to create an account on Google Adsense. After the registration, you need to link Google Adsense and Youtube accounts together. It is necessary to have a minimum of ten dollars in order to withdraw the money. As soon as you have such an amount, you can easily withdraw it.

There are affiliate programs from different companies. It is necessary to have from 10,000 views and at least 1,000 subscribers to conclude contracts with them. You conclude contract with companies, and they pay you for simply posting their video on YouTube. Half of what you earn goes to partners. As for me, the conditions are quite fair, but you need to grow up to get them.